Root Touch-Ups

Whether your roots are sprouting up darker, lighter, grayer or whiter, if you're not ready to transition to your natural color and you can't get to the salon or make time for a root DIY, reach for one of our professional root touch-up product instead.

Root touch-ups are a cost-effective way to help seamlessly blend your roots into the rest of your hair. These products, formulated as sprays or powders are applied directly to roots and act as hair color extenders that discreetly blend perfectly with the rest of your mane. We love them! Why? Because temporary root touch-ups can be applied in a moment’s notice, and are often compact enough for a purse or bag.

The best root touch-ups should be able to last all day without flaking off or transferring onto your hands or clothing. Temporary root cover-ups should last until your next wash, and come out easily on your next wash day.