Originally made for barbers, by barbers, Layrite came to life in 1999 when Donnie Hawley developed a traditional pomade that would wash off easily. Years later, Layrite offers a range of men’s grooming products set to an extremely high standard. Water-based hair products that hold from light and natural to firm and rugged, and come fragranced with Layrite’s signature Vanilla scent. Layrite's pomades come in a variety of strengths and shine levels. In fact, all of Layrite’s pomades, shaving and beard care products fuse work to create a range of different looks that exceed expectations and consistently.

The classic Original Pomade was the first formulation by founder Donnie Hawley. Designed to hold like wax and wash out like gel, Layrite Original is best for styling traditional haircuts with a medium amount of shine.

For barber-like styling at home, Grooming Spray will up your hair-styling experience by miles. Use it to give strength and volume to your hair or simply as a finishing spray that adds extra hold to stubborn hair.