You can never go wrong with Opi nail polish, a leading line of nail polish, gel nail polish, skin care products and nail treatments. For decades, Opi has provided excellent manicure solutions that stream from nail polish, nail treatments to base and top coats.

Nail paint is commonly used by women to enhance the beauty of their nails. Over the time, Opi nail lacquer has grown in demand due to better quality and variant shades on the market. If you wish to color your nails with a favorite shade, Opi nail polish offers you a wide range of stunning nail colors for any type of nail art.

Opi Nail Polish Solutions

Enjoy a vast range of solid colors, nude shades, premium base and top coats here at Beauty Supply Outlet. We display a collection of high quality Opi nail polish to help you tailor your personality to any specific Opi shade. These vibrant colors are long lasting and can remain for over 10 days. For any signature Opi nail polish, you can apply a three step system to get the results you want.

We also have different base and top coats such as ridge filler to help smoothen the nails and ensure quality results. With every option, you will enjoy a shinier look and smart results. You can also check out Opi gel break treatments designed to restore damaged nails due to improper nail polish removal.


  • Make sure to clean your nails before applying the nail polish
  • Apply the base coat and let it dry
  • Apply the desired nail polish and lastly, the top coat.
  • Use a quality nail polish remover like acetone when you wish to change the shade.