Denman Brush

The "Denman D collection" is the ultimate multi-functional hairbrush for detangling, blow-drying, styling and smoothing the hair.
What is so special about the Denman Brush?  
The Denman Brush Collection remains one of our top sellers.  Since our doors opened in 1989, Denman brushes continue to be highly recommended by stylists and Denman consumers.  It is my opinion that once you have ran a denman brush through your hair - you will immediately acknowledge the quality, ease of styling and ergonomic comfort this brush provides.

√Did you know the Denman brush has earned top honors from curly girls everywhere, who say it enhances the shape and bounce of ringlets and coils, detangles any knots, and fights frizz.
Brilliant on straight hair for creating the perfect blow-dry bob style, AND also ideal for defining curls.
It's now time to address the important question 'What Is the Difference Between a Denman Brush and a Regular Brush?"
You may think a brush is a brush, but that's not the case with a Denman. A regular brush can be used to detangle depending on the width of the bristles. But the Denman is solely used for styling, and it was crafted with curly hair in mind.
A fun fact is that you can also Modify Your Denman Brush to achieve your desired custom setting. The simple trick is to remove every other row of your brush! What this does is actually allow your curls to clump together. Because thicker hair needs wider room, just like you would use a wide-tooth comb versus a fine-tooth comb; same kinda aspect.
Choose your hair goal. Define Curls; Boost Waves; Smooth and Straighten; Healthy Hair; Easy Styling. Detangling. Detangling.